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Founded in 1993 (take that, you Millennials) as a company with a whole other name (don’t ask, or ask and we’ll tell you… )

Back on point! Optimist Theatre became Optimist Theatre in 2009 when we decided to produce Milwaukee's free Shakespeare in the Park at the height of the recession. We figured a daily reminder would be helpful. It was.


Fast-forward to 2020 when those well-toned mental optimist muscles came in super handy as we pivoted and No Holds Bard was born. 

Bardians Susan Scot Fry, Ron Scot Fry, Tom Reed and ML Cogar are the driving force behind this overly ambitious project. Our clarion call of
“... because no-one told us it was a dumb idea!” brings us to today. No Holds Bard: The Pericles Project. 

To find out more, visit the Optimist Theatre website.

Susan Tom Ron and ML.jpg

Pictured (from left): Susan, Tom, Ron, and ML

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