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On this page you can connect with No Holds Bard: The Pericles Project  by doing any of the steps below.

Complete all four steps to become a Bardian of The Galaxy!

Step 1: Subscribe to our E-Newsletter

Step 2: Follow us on at least one (1) social media channel

Step 3: Donate $70+

Step 4: Join the Bardians

What do you get?

  • Acknowledgment on our List of Bardians.

  • Access to our exclusive Zoom conversations with the creative team.

  • Digital goodies!

Step 1: Subscribe To Our

Email Newsletter

For episode information, cocktail of the week recipes, insider insights from the creative team, cast spotlights, and peeks behind the curtain.

Note: When you enter your address to sign-up for the newsletter, you will receive a follow-up email. To complete your subscription, please click on the link and confirm your subscription by checking the boxes next to No Holds Bard and GDPR and clicking "save."  GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, the new data safety regulations out of the EU, and is an indication that you consent to receiving emails from us.


Step 2: Follow Us On

Social Media

Follow us on at least one channel: Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram

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Step 3: Donate​

We know “neither a borrower nor a lender be,” but he didn’t say anything about donations…


Optimist Theatre has always provided free-to-see Shakespeare to the community, and we are proud to continue that tradition with this free-to-stream content. (No monthly fees!) However, it still costs money to produce this project.  We strive to pay our cast and creative team a fair wage for their work, particularly as our traditional stage opportunities remain closed.

Please note: You don't have to be become a Bardian to donate, and any donation amount is welcome. Donation amounts of $70 and over will qualify you for Bardian status.

Step 4: Become a Bardian

When you have completed steps 1-3, please complete this form to let us know so that we can get you signed up for your special perks!

Note: Your social media handle(s) is your name(s) on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) and might be different from your full name. We ask you to provide it (them) so that we know where you have followed us.

Thanks for submitting!

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