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One of our goals with Pericles was to showcase the amazing talent of Milwaukee and our beautiful city itself.  The multiple locations in Pericles (Tyre, Tarsus, Ephesus, Pentapolis...) allowed us to showcase many Milwaukee neighborhoods, parks, theatres, landmarks, and even a few friends' backyards.

Illustration by cast member Dara Larson

Filming Locations

Taking the Pericles project to multiple locations gave us the freedom and opportunity to transform the Milwaukee Community into our various kingdoms (and the ability to find creative solutions to some filming challenges...)

Every mark on our map is a filming location for the play, our "princing about Milwaukee" series, or a livestream location.

We're grateful to have been able to take Pericles to

  • The Washington Park Bandshell

  • Lynden Sculpture Garden

  • Alverno College (multiple campus locations)

  • Milwaukee Pier Lighthouse

  • Forest Home Cemetery

  • Conrad pond

  • The SV Denis Sullivan dock
    (near Discovery World)

  • Harbor View Plaza, Great Lakes Research Facility

  • Lions Bridge, Lake Park

  • Sherman Phoenix

  • Alice's Garden

  • Peck Pavilion

  • Riverside Theatre

  • Milwaukee High School of the Arts

  • Turner Hall/Milwaukee Turners

and the residences/property of our crew and friends:

  • The Cogar-Reed home and backyard

  • The Samson-Pinter’s backyard

  • The Scot-Fry home

  • Phoole Recording Studio


Sometimes, we couldn't film in person (see aforementioned challenges) but that didn't mean we abandoned our commitment to showcasing Milwaukee and the surrounding community!

Instead, our talented visual artists took to the page (or maybe super high tech computer drawing app and screen) and drew Milwaukee landmarks into our animated epidodes.

Click on the images to link to the animated portions of our episodes and see what local favorites you can spot...

Episode 8 Illustration.png

Episode 8, Illustrated by Ron Scot Fry


Episode 12, Illustrated by Dara Larson

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