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Each episode is a celebration--please enjoy these A and NA recipes inspired by themes in the upcoming episodes of "Pericles." Scroll through to see all recipes, or
click here for the most current episode's pairings

Note for recipes where ingredients are measured by parts: Most recipes will have exact measurements but some will list ingredients by "parts"  (Of course. We're actors. Everything comes down to the part.) It simply means, pick your favorite means of measurement and use that as your part. Partial to cups? 1 part = 1 cup, etc.

Episode 1
sweet and sour.jpg
Episode 1: Amaretto Sweet and Sour


    1 ½ fluid ounces amaretto liqueur

    2 fluid ounces orange juice

    2 fluid ounces sweet and sour mix 



    Fill a glass with ice, and pour in the amaretto, orange juice, and sweet and sour mix. Stir together and serve.

Orange Cocktail
Episode 1: NA Option: 
Sweet and Sour Mocktail


    1 cup Pineapple Juice

    1 Cup Orange Juice

    1/2 cup Sweet and Sour Mixer

    1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

    2 cups Lemon Lime Soda

    Lime wedges for garnish

    Ice for serving



    In a gallon sized pitcher combine all the ingredients, stir well, serve over ice, and garnish with lime wedges or lemon wedges.

Episode 2
Episode 2: Wisconsin Style
Brandy Old Fashioned
Image by Jouwen Wang


    1 orange slice

    1 maraschino cherry + 1 teaspoon cherry juice

    1 sugar cube

    4 – 6 dashes Angostura bitters

    1 1/2 ounces brandy


    Lemon-lime, grapefruit soda or seltzer water



    In an old fashioned glass, muddle orange slice, cherry, cherry juice, sugar cube and bitters.

    Add brandy and fill glass with ice.

    Top with soda of choice.

Episode 2 NA* Option: Old Fashioned


    1 sugar cube

    1 orange slice

    2 dashes bitters


    2 ounces barley tea

    1 maraschino cherry, for garnish


For the tea:

Fill a pitcher with four cups of water and add one tea bag. Refrigerate for two hours.

For the mocktail:

Place the sugar cube in the bottom of a glass (bonus points for using a festive tumbler!). Add the orange slice and bitters. Muddle, then fill the glass with ice. Add the tea, filling to near the top of the glass. Stir to help the sugar dissolve. Finish off with a cherry garnish.

*Note: the two dashes of bitters used here contain only trace amounts of alcohol, meaning this mocktail is still considered non-alcoholic.

Episode 3: The Tyre Trouble


    Raspberry Rum

    Lemon Vodka

    Club Soda (sour version) or Sprite (Sweet Version)


    Lemon or Orange Slice  (Garnish)


Shake equal parts rum and vodka with ice in cocktail shaker and pour into a cocktail glass, leaving room for soda (to taste).  Garnish with slice of fruit

Image by Sebastian Coman Photography
Episode 3 NA Option: The I Scream "Float!"


   Strawberry Ice cream (Sweet Version)

   Raspberry Sherbet (Sour Version)


   Strawberries or Raspberries (Garnish)


Place two scoops of ice cream or sherbet in a tall glass and add sprite to top. Garnish with Fruit

Episode 3
Pineapple Juice
Episode 4: The Sea Shanty


    Kraken (or similar brand) Spiced Rum

    Pineapple Juice

    Club Soda (or substitute Pineapple flavored soda for the Juice and Club Soda)

    Pineapple pieces or rings as garnish


Mix equal parts rum and pineapple juice in glass, add soda to taste. Sink pineapple pieces or ring to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker (the glass)

Image by Yulia Khlebnikova
Episode 4 NA Option: The Smooth(ie) as Sea Glass


   2 cups Frozen Berries

   2 cups Orange Juice or Mixed Berry Juice

   1 Pint Rainbow Sherbet

   Mint (garnish)


Place all ingredients (except mint) in a blender or smoothie maker and blend (stir/liquefy) for 30-50 seconds until desired consistency. Pour into glass. Garnish with mint.

Episode 4
Tequila Sunrise
Episode 5: Pentapolis Party Punch
(aka a Harvey Wallbanger)


  Vodka (3 parts)

  Galliano (1 part)

  Fresh Orange Juice (6 parts)


    Orange slice, maraschino cherries



  Fill a tall glass with ice. Add vodka and Galliano. Fill rest of glass with orange
  Garnish with orange slices and cherries
  (extra points if you skewer them on a little sword...)

Episode 5
Episode 5 NA Option: The After Party
Cocktail with Lime


  Ginger ale

  Lime juice

  Lime syrup



   Slice of lime or candied ginger (optional)



Fill a tall class with ice. Add 3 parts ginger ale and 1 part lime juice and a splash of lime syrup. Mix gently. Add lime or ginger slice as garnish (optional)
(perfect for post party tender tummies)

Episode 6: The Sidecar


  2 parts cognac
  1 part Cointreau, Triple Sec or similar orange liqueur
  1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
     orange slice/twist



Sugar Rim:
  Wet the rim of a cocktail glass with citrus juice (using an orange slice or a small 
  amount of the lemon juice).

  Dip or roll the rim of the glass in small tray or shallow plate full of sugar

  Allow the rim to dry while you make the cocktail

The Sidecar

  Pour the cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice into a shaker and add ice. 
  Shake until well chilled

  Strain into the cocktail glass, being careful not to disturb the rim.

  Garnish with an orange twist

Episode 6
Episode 6 NA Option: Sidecar Mocktail*
Cocktail with Orange Slice


  2 oz cold strong black tea
  (The original recipe calls for lapsang souchong tea, which has a strong, sweet, 
  smoky taste. If you are unable to find it, another full flavored black tea, such as
  earl grey, can be used)

  2 oz lemon juice
  1 tsp marmalade
  ½ – 1 tsp honey
  dried orange slice


Prep the Glass and Tea:

  Put a coupe glass in the fridge to chill

  Brew tea and allow to cool completely

Pour cold tea and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker. Stir in marmalade and honey with a spoon, until they dissolve. Add ice to cocktail shaker and shake well.

Double strain into the chilled coupe glass. 

Float dried orange in glass as garnish.

*recipe adapted from BBC GoodFood:
Nice, Miriam.  Sidecar Mocktail. BBC GoodFood. Retrieved February 10, 2021, from

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab
Episode 7: The--Briefly--Happy Couple
(Peach Bellini)


   Peach Puree


   Peach Slice (as Garnish)



  Pour peach puree into a champagne flute until glass is about 1/3 full (about 1.5 oz. of puree). Fill remainder of flute with chilled prosecco.  Garnish with the peach slice. 

Episode 7 BB
Episode 7 NA Option: The Bridesmaid
Exotic Drink


  Peach Juice
  Lemon-Lime Soda
  Crushed ice
  Garnishes (optional)
    Orange or peach slices and/or maraschino cherries



   In a large glass, add crushed ice until glass is 1/4 full. Pour equal amounts peach juice and lemon lime soda into glass at the same time. Top with a small splash of grenadine and mix gently with a long spoon. Add fruit as garnish.

Episode 8:  The Empty Coffee-n


  1 oz whiskey

  1 oz irish cream liqueur

  4 oz hot coffee (medium or dark roast)

  1-2 sugar cubes
  whipped cream (optional)


In a medium sized mug, add room temperature (not chilled) whiskey and sugar cube(s). Pour in hot coffee, allowing sugar to dissolve.  Add irish cream liqueur. Stir slowly to mix.  Garnish with whip cream, if desired.

Episode 8 NA Option: Chocolate Mint 
Hot Chocolate


  Mint Tea

  1 oz (one packet) Hot Chocolate Mix

  Milk (can substitute an unsweetened non-dairy milk alternative)


   Peppermint Stick/Candy Cane (optional)



  Brew mint tea in a large mug. Add hot chocolate mix, stir until completely dissolved. Add a splash of milk (or non-dairy substitute). Garnish with peppermint stick or candy cane.

Episode 8 BB
Episode 9: The Lite Treason**
Cocoa Drink


  4 parts Heavy whipping cream
  ½ part Mezcal
  ¼ part Simple syrup (or click here for a sugar-free replacement)
  1½ parts Vodka
  ½ part Coffee liqueur (or sugar-free coffee syrup)
  ½ part Artichoke amaro or Amaro

  Garnishes (optional)
   Coffee Beans, Cinnamon


   Prepare the mezcal whipped cream. Whip the cream and mezcal until thick, then whip in the simple syrup. Taste and add more syrup if desired. Set aside.
  Shake the remaining ingredients with ice and strain into an ice-filled short glass. Top with the reserved whipped cream. Garnish with grated coffee bean or cinnamon.

**recipe source: Cocktail Party:Beau Burtnick.  Lite Treason. Cocktail Party. Retrieved March 10, 2021, from

Drink 9
Episode 9 NA Option: The Brewing Clouds
Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA


  2 Tablespoons hot water

  2 Tablespoons instant coffee or tea

  2 Tablespoons granulated sugar (or sugar substitute)

  ice cubes

  Garnish (optional)
  cinnamon stick or cinnamon


  In a bowl, dissolve instant coffee/tea and sugar in the hot water.  Whip mixture  
  into a fluffy cream. 

  In a glass, add milk and ice cubes, leaving room at top. Top with large dollop of

  whipped coffee/tea mixture. Serve with cinnamon or a cinnamon stick (optional)

Episode 10: Pirate's Grog***
Alcoholic Drinks


  1 oz. lime juice
  1 oz. brown sugar (or granulated monk fruit)
  1 oz. dark rum
  4 oz. warm water




  In a shaker, combine brown sugar and approximately 1oz warm water  (to dissolve the sugar). Then add lime juice, rum, rest of the water and ice.
Shake and pour over smashed ice.

***recipe source: The Drink Blog.  Grog. The Drink Blog. Retrieved March 10, 2021, from

Drink 10
Episode 10 NA Option: The Scurvy Stopper


  2 parts Lime Juice
  1 part lemon lime soda or lime flavored tonic water
  pinch of lime zest
  sugar or sugar substitute (to taste)

    lime slices



   In glass, add lime juice and soda/tonic water. Add sugar/sugar substitute to taste. Stir gently to dissolve sugar. Add ice. Top with a pinch of lime zest. Garnish with a lime slice.

Episode 11:  Emerald Isle*


  2.0 oz Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur
  1.0 oz 360 Sorrento Lemon Flavored Vodka
  0.5 oz Créme de Menthe
  0.5 oz Maple Syrup


In a shaker add Five Farms, 360 Sorrento Lemon Flavored Vodka, Créme de Menthe, and Maple syrup. Dry shake for 30 seconds. Add ice to shaker and shake again for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist.

*(Special thanks to Tralee Irish Imports for supplying the Irish Cream and to Five Farms for the recipe!)   

recipe source: Five Farms Irish Creme.  Emerald Isle. Five Farms Irish Creme . Retrieved March 16, 2021, from

Episode 11 NA Option: NA Irish Cream**
Coconut Drink


  2/3 cup heavy cream

  1/4 cup evaporated milk

  2 tbsp maple syrup

  1-2 tbsp (to taste) fresh espresso OR chocolate syrup

  pinch of ground cinnamon

  1 tsp vanilla extract

  (optional) 1 tsp almond extract

  pinch of finely grated orange zest



  Put all the ingredients in a large cocktail shaker or jug with a generous handful of ice. If using a shaker, shake well until the outside feels cold, then double strain into tumblers. If using a jug, stir well until combined. Serve poured over ice.

**recipe adapted from BBC GoodFood:Nice, Miriam.  Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream Liqueur. BBC GoodFood. Retrieved March 16, 2021, from

Episode 12: Irish Eyes***
Irish eyes.png


  2.0 oz Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur
  1.0 oz Irish Whiskey
  0.5 oz Créme de Menthe

    Maraschino cherry



 In a shaker, combine ingredients and shake over ice. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

***(Special thanks to Tralee Irish Imports for supplying the Irish Cream and to Five Farms for the recipe!)   

recipe source: Five Farms Irish Creme.  Irish Eyes. Five Farms Irish Creme . Retrieved March 16, 2021, from

Drink 11
Drink 12
Episode 12 NA Option:  NA Chocolate Martini****
Cream Cocktail


  1 cup cold milk

  1/4 cup best quality chocolate syrup, plus more for dipping rims

  1 tablespoon corn syrup

  Crushed ice, as needed


   Chocolate sprinkles


  Combine the milk, 1/4 cup chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and crushed ice in a blender and blend until smooth.

  Pour some of the chocolate syrup onto a small plate and some of the chocolate sprinkles onto another small plate. Dip the rim of a martini glass in the chocolate syrup and then dip the rim in the chocolate sprinkles. Fill the glass to the top with the chocolate milk mixture.

****recipe adapted from Food Network:Flay, Bobby.  Chocolate Martini Mocktail. Food Network. Retrieved March 16, 2021, from

Episode 13: Boulevardier
Negroni Cocktail


   1 1/4 ounces bourbon (or rye)

   1 ounce Campari 

   1 ounce sweet vermouth

  Garnish: orange twist


  Add bourbon, Campari and sweet vermouth into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice.
Garnish with an orange twist.

Recipe from  Boulevardier Retrieved April 7, 2021, from

Episode 13
Episode 13 NA Option: BouleBardier
Brewing Tea


  Earl Grey Tea Bags (or other strong black tea)

  Cherry Juice

  Orange Juice

  All Spice




  Brew Tea as normal. Allow to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, pour tea into a large glass with ice. Add a splash of each juice.  Add a small dash of All Spice and stir.  (Can add additional all spice to taste.) If too tart, add sugar or sugar substitute to taste.

Episode 14: Mai-Tai
Tropic Cocktail


  2 ounces light rum
  3/4 ounce Triple Sec
  1/2 ounce lemon juice
  1-1/2 teaspoons lime juice
  1-1/2 teaspoons amaretto



    Lime Slice

    Cocktail Umbrella


  Add All ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake until well blended. Serve in a chilled glass. Add Garnishes

Recipe adapted from Taste of Home,  Mai Tai.  Food Taste of Home  Retrieved April 7, 2021, from

Episode 14
Episode 14 NA Option: Citrus Sprite-zer
Vodka Soda


 2 Parts Lemon-lime soda or citrus flavored tonic water

 1/2 Part Orange Juice
1/2 part lemon juice

 1/2 part cranberry juice


  Put all the juices into a  shaker or jug with ice. Shake well and pour into glass. Add soda, stir gently.

Episode 15: The Corpse Reviver 2
Cocktail with Orange Slice


  1 oz gin
  1 oz dry vermouth
  1 oz lemon juice
  1 oz Cointreau




  Thin slice of orange


  Spray or rub absinthe inside the glass and set aside. Add other ingredients to a  shaker with ice and shake until chilled.  Pour into glass and garnish with slice of orange.

To make a lower sugar option, add sugar free simple syrup and orange extract in place of the Cointreau.

Drink 15
Episode 15 NA Option: Good Morning, Not Mourning
Orange Juice


  2 Parts Orange Juice

  1 Part Ginger Ale




    Fresh or Frozen Berries


  Add Orange Juice and Ginger Ale to Glass with a splash of grenadine.  Garnish with berries of your choice.

Episode 16: Parting is Sweet Sorrow
Waiter with Champagne Flutes


 1 ounce gin
2 dashes simple syrup
1/2 ounce lemon juice
2 ounces Champagn


  Combine gin, syrup and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into an iced Champagne glass. Top with Champagne. Stir gently.

Recipe from Today: Seymour, John. Farewell Fizz Cocktail  Today. Retrieved April 21, 2021, from

Drink 16
Episode 16 NA Option: Goodnight Sweet Quince
White Wine


  Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Apple Cider (Well Chilled)

  White Cranberry Juice


  Cinnamon-Sugar Mixture




  Coat rim of a Champagne Flute in Cinnamon Sugar Mixture. Add Cider and a  splash of cranberry Juice.

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